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Custom Breast Prosthesis

If you have experienced any type of breast surgery, such as a full mastectomy, partial mastectomy, lumpectomy, breast conserving surgery, or reconstruction, the ABC Custom Breast Prosthesis may be right for you!

To see if the ABC custom breast prosthesis is right for you, please call 414-258-2800 today to make an appointment for a FREE consultation.

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Essential Image~Specialty Products and Services Following Breast Surgery

Women are discovering that there are many ways to restore their appearance and renew their self-confidence following breast surgery. The advances in breast form technology and fabrics for bras are nothing short of remarkable.

  • We will ensure your fitting process is a positive experience. 
  • We treat all of our clients with compassion and respect. 
  • Our fitters are certified and experienced. 
  • Our fitting rooms are private, comfortable and spacious. 
  • We have the most comprehensive inventory in Wisconsin. 
  • If a new product is introduced, we have it.

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Compression Solutions

People wear compression garments for comfort, during pregnancy, to perform better in sports, to recover from surgeries and to help manage and prevent serious medical conditions.

Knueppel HealthCare Services is a leader in medical compression, providing the latest technology and extensive product selection to our clients to help them live a more independent, productive and satisfying life while managing circulatory, lymphatic and ambulatory issues. 

Our trained specialists will work with you, your doctors and other healthcare providers to help you choose the right garment to meet your individual needs.

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Mom and Baby~Helpful and Therapeutic Products for Pregnant Women and Nursing Moms

Women Helping Women - Pregnancy and childbirth are life-changing events, and our team of professional, certified fitters is here to assist women in selecting merchandise that will help promote proper alignment, relieve aches and pains and generally make the experience more comfortable and rewarding.

We take pride in our long history of providing quality products and services to the communities of Southeastern Wisconsin and are committed to combining caring and compassionate service with the most recent advances in product technology.

Should the need arise and you need specialty products, you can be assured that we are here for you—every step of the way.

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Orthopedic Supports and Braces

Prevent Injury, Relieve Pain & Inflammation, Support Weak Muscles & Joints
Position for Pressure Relief, Promote Healing
With Specialty Braces, Cushions and Therapy Devices

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Home Medical Equipment to enhance the quality of your life

The use of home medical equipment helps patients live safely, comfortably and independently at home.

At Knueppel HealthCare Services, experienced customer service representatives work closely with physicians and therapists to assist caregivers and patients in choosing the best home health care products for each situation. Our consultants can offer more equipment options to our clients because we aren’t limited to a single supplier source. We are trained and knowledgeable about the wide range of products available through different companies, and maintain a comprehensive inventory of home medical equipment and products.

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Mobility Solutions to enhance the quality of your life

Remaining independent depends largely on your ability to get around inside and outside of your home both comfortably and safely. The rehab technicians and medical equipment specialists at Knueppel HealthCare Services are dedicated to assisting physically-challenged individuals with neuromuscular disorders, significant structural deformities, and age or injury-related limitations regain their loss of mobility.

We offer sales, rental and service for our mobility products. Our experienced staff has a comprehensive knowledge of power and manual mobility products, seating systems and specialty accessories which make the mobility products easier and more convenient to use and operate. We work closely with physicians and therapists to assist caregivers and patients in choosing the best mobility products for each situation. We will also coordinate Medicare, Medicaid or other insurance benefits and help find alternate funding sources if necessary.

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Product Recalls & Safety Notices

Convatec Urgent Medical Device Field Safety Notice -  ConvaTec as issued an Urgent Medical Device Recall on the items an lot numbers listed on Attachment 1 (See Attached).  The reason for this recall notice is due to Convex two-piece skin barriers where the starter hole (stoma hole) is off-center.  See the attached ConvaTec Urgent Medical Device Recall notice for more information. September 5th, 2019

RIFTON MEDICAL DEVICE CORRECTION -K310 & K320 Rifton TRAM / K660 E-Pacer - Rifton Equipment is voluntarily recalling the body support buckle from the Rifton TRAM and E-Pacer. The TRAM and the E-Pacer are transfer and mobility devices that can be used for seated transfers or as a support for standing or ambulation. The body support buckle helps to secure the client in the body support system. Rifton Equipment has received complaints of buckles failing to latch securely, presenting a risk of falling. Serious inju ...

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